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I’m Danielle!

I empower veterinarians feeling uncertain, weary, and broken to grow into the confident, dynamic, incredible doctors they are meant to be.


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Empowering Veterinarians

Hello! My name is Dr. Danielle Alleman

I’m a small animal veterinarian and mental health and wellbeing advocate. I know the love, compassion, and care you give to your clients and patients, and I want to help you reflect that love, kindness, and care right back towards YOU where it belongs.

How can I help?

I believe we all have the power to be fulfilled, thriving, unique veterinary professionals.
I’m here, ready to support you on your path to EMPOWERMENT and JOY.

Work with me

Empowerment & career coaching.

Learn with me

Online courses developed for vet med.


Free resources for your wellbeing.

“When you decide you truly do not ever want to feel a certain way again, you set out on a journey of self-awareness, learning, and growth that has you radically reinvent who you are” - Brianna Wiest

Client Reviews

I love all things veterinary wellbeing, and I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people I’ve been able to work with. Check out what people are saying about their experiences with my career coaching and veterinary programs.

“Long story short — I wish I would have invested in myself sooner! Better Together Mastermind was the perfect fit for me. Group video chats and self paced activities/modules that were very manageable with my busy schedule. Live-chat support via Voxer helps your group connect at any time. Danielle has given me the tools and resources I desperately needed to help maintain a sustainable work-life balance long term.”

Erin M.

“I really enjoyed our mastermind group. It was nice to commune with like-minded veterinarians who are desiring a sustainable career and a culture change across the profession. I had been working on a lot of the topics myself for years, but your content really synthesized things for me into more tangible and actionable ideas and goals. I recommend the mastermind for anyone on the personal wellness journey, no matter where you are on that continuum!”

Sarah T.