I love all things veterinary wellbeing and I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people I’ve been able to work with. Check out what people are saying about their experiences with my coaching and programs.

Client Reviews

Your kind words and feedback mean the world to me. It has been a pleasure to work with each and every client of mine, and I appreciate you for choosing Empathos Veterinary Wellness!

“Long story short — I wish I would have invested in myself sooner! Better Together Mastermind was the perfect fit for me. Group video chats and self paced activities/modules that were very manageable with my busy schedule. Live-chat support via Voxer helps your group connect at any time. Danielle has given me the tools and resources I desperately needed to help maintain a sustainable work-life balance long term.”

Erin M.

“I don’t think I can thank Danielle enough for the Better Together Mastermind because it gave me so many tools to have not only a fulfilling career, but also a wholesome life in which I also take care of myself outside of the clinic. The community approach of the group was amazing, I had the chance to meet a wonderful group of women from different areas of vet med and in different stages of their career to discuss how we were doing and how we could do better. I felt very supported, as we all could relate to similar hardships in the profession, and really appreciated the insights from those that had been practicing for much longer than me. The tasks that Danielle had us do in between calls were so thoughtful! I feel like I learned a lot about myself during those two months and allowed myself to reflect on things that needed change (and I’m currently working on!), didn’t serve me, or that I was missing in my life in and out of the clinic. The resources (TEDtalks, podcasts, and book recommendations) were also amazing and so enlightening. 11/10 recommend to any veterinarian that is feeling burned out, stuck, tired and/or wanting a better work/life balance!”
Karina B.

“I really enjoyed our mastermind group. It was nice to commune with like-minded veterinarians who are desiring a sustainable career and a culture change across the profession. I had been working on a lot of the topics myself for years, but your content really synthesized things for me into more tangible and actionable ideas and goals. I recommend the mastermind for anyone on the personal wellness journey, no matter where you are on that continuum!”

Sarah T.

“I am a managing doctor with a corporate practice. I joined the Better Together Mastermind because I had some ideas of how to make life better for me and my associate doctors that I really wanted to work through. What I got was so much more then that. It gave me some different perspectives. It allowed me to define some problems and feelings that I had, allowing me to tackle them head on, namely burnout and scarcity mindset. And I took these ideas and techniques that we learned together and used them for myself. I shared them with my team and was able to work with them to make all of our lives better while we were at work. I can’t thank Danielle enough for putting this out there.”
Emily F.